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sf sitesleep travelerMy very first review for SF Site is up! Sleep Traveler is a full-cast audio book that was very interesting to listen to. Go check out the review! I’ll be doing reviews for SF Site a few times a month now, hopefully. Keep an eye out, I’ve got reviews for Moxyland, Nekropolis, and Saint Olivia coming out soon for them!


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Thanks to my brand new job working third shift (that’s night shift for the uniformed), I’m looking for great audio book recommendations. I have the option to wear headphones at work, and I’m going to take it! This means I have between six and nine hours of air time to fill Five Nights a week.

Needless to say, I am open to suggestions. I’m actually really excited about this, because it will give me a chance to review so many more books! I could almost do a book a night. I’m really proud of the schedule I’ve been keeping, thanks in large part to Tides from the New Worlds, but I’d totally kick ass if I could write entire book reviews every day. Maybe every other day? I’m ambitious though.

I’m open to all genres at this point, although science fiction and fantasy are obviously going to be my biggest wish. 🙂 You may also send me your romance, your literary fiction, and especially your young adult, not to mention mystery and thriller. I’m not interested in children’s books (for me), because that’s just not going to cut it listening to Dr. Seuss at three o’clock in the morning.

So please, regale me with your infinite knowledge, book people. Fill up my comments!

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