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Today marks the anniversary of my entrance into the world 23 years ago exactly. I’m thinking this is one of the more boring birthdays. I mean, what do I get for turning 23? Nothing. I can already drink, buy porn, and smoke. (legally) I don’t get a break on my insurance until I hit 25, and I can’t run for president until 35. So What’s There to Celebrate?

Hello! It’s My Birthday! That’s reason enough! I’ve never understood people who didn’t care about birthdays. It’s everyone’s chance to celebrate the fact that, hey, this is the day you became part of the world. Without this day, there’d be no you! So glad you were born! So glad you are here!

And since it’s *my* birthday, there is of course extra celebration, because I’m just that awesome.

So what did you get me for my birthday? Here’s what I received from my mom.

It’s okay to be jealous. Martha Stewart rocks my socks off, too. Now I have enough books to rock all night long.

Happy birthday to me!


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Today I turn 22! Yay! This is about as exciting as when I turned 19. Which is to say, there is nothing exciting about 22. At all…But anyway.

I had a good day, went to lunch with my mom, got home and received my gift from my husband. A dwarf mandarin orange tree, very awesome! Much more awesome than the actual birthday. Then of course, Water Boy’s daycare calls us, to tell us he’s sick and we need to come pick him up. So…not perfect, but it will do. Happy Birthday to me!

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