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My guest review of Monkey Beach by Eden Robinson is up at Color Online. This book really blew me away. Monkey Beach follows Lisa, a young girl from the Haisla Native American Tribe living in Canada, with beautiful touches of magical realism and deep insights into what it means to grow up and be a family. I hope you’ll head over to read and leave some great comments.


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coloronlineMy guest review of Dawn by Octavia E. Butler is up at Color Online today. This book was amazing, along with the two that follow it in the trilogy. I hope you’ll head over to read and leave some great comments. This is a seriously thought-provoking book, and one of my favorites by Butler.

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Please head over to Color Online for my review of Mama Day by Gloria Naylor. coloronlineIt was a truly captivating book that incorporated magic in a simple yet fascinating way. Check out the review, and then check out the book.

The review is now up!

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coloronlineMy bi-monthly review is up at Color Online today. I read and reviewed Brown Girl in the Ring by Nalo Hopkinson. I hope you’ll head over there, read, and comment.

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coloronlineI’m guest posting over at Color Online today with a review of The Palace of Illusions by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, a retelling of the Indian legend, the Mahabharat. This is the first of two reviews that will be at Color Online monthly. I hope you’ll head over there, read it, and leave a comment. My first review for them last month seemed to go over very well, so I hope you’ll keep up the traffic and make me look good.

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coloronlineOne of the things I’ve become passionate about is promoting books by and/or about people of color, and specifically women of color. I think the science fiction and fantasy genres are severely lacking in diversity, and that’s not going to change unless we start talking about the little known or the less read books, the books that feature characters that are diverse and non-stereotypical. Showing fans, authors, and publishers alike that anyone can enjoy these books is so important.

That’s why I’m happy to announce that I’ll be writing bi-monthly guest reviews on science fiction and fantasy books by women of color at Color Online. Every second and fourth Tuesday of the month, you can find me over there, talking about books and doing my best to diversify a genre I love, but would love even more if it were inclusive and representative of all sorts of people.

You can read my first review there today, covering Kindred by Octavia E. Butler. Thanks go to LaTonya for giving me this great opportunity. Please take the time to read my guest post and leave your comments there.

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In honor of the Fen of Color United drive yesterday, I refrained from posting links until Tuesday, so my post for them would be prominent. To continue that sentiment, all the links today deal with book links about people of color on the web.

  • Of course, the first link goes back to Fen of Color United. For a safe space for fans of color and their allies, a place to share your stories and give support.
  • For great recommendations of authors of color, and a chance to join a thriving and interesting community, go to the LiveJournal Writers of Color 50 Book Challenge community. Make the commitment to diversify your TBR pile.
  • Color Online is a community blog committed to the promotion, empowerment, and political awakening of young women. They review books and bring awareness to current events, while promoting diversity.
  • Shop Indie Bookstores
    Shop Indie Bookstores

    The Repossession Mambo was released March 09 by Eric Garcia, the author of Matchstick Men. It’s on my TBR pile but I recommend it on the premise alone. Repossessing your high-tech organs? Yeah, creepy but awesome.

  • Finally, the best way to support your Fen of Color, besides just listening and unpacking your backpack, is to buy and support Authors and Artists of Color. Read and review and spread the word.

If you have any suggestions for great books or book-related sites related to POCs or the support thereof, please leave them in the comments. Spread the word! Don’t let their voices continue to be marginalized or unheard. Be an ally and an advocate!

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