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Earth Hour

This is a scheduled post. I’m sitting in the dark right now, making a vote for a greener Earth. At your local 8:30pm, March 28th, I hope you are too. Earth Hour is an initiative spanning the globe and the global community, to make a choice. Turn off your lights for one hour. Talk, read, go outside and play (although it’s FREEZING here!), listen to the sounds of your neighborhood or your backyard, your city or your country road.

For once, let the stars be brighter than the cities. Go to Earth Hour to learn more. This is our second year participating, and I’m so glad we do. We’ve really begun to make the effort this year to change how we do things. Everything is turned off when we leave the house, including our power strips and the AC/Heat. All of our lights are off if we aren’t in the room. We use Green Mountain Energy for our electricity company. (Texas is a “choose your own” state.)

I’m just so hopeful for the future. Aren’t you?


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