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Beginning in 1994 and now hosted by the Equality Forum, GLBT History Month is celebrated every October, featuring 31 GLBT icons living and dead. Focusing on their achievements and contributions to the GLBT community, each day we learn a little bit more about the history and courage of those who have gone before us. With such well known figures as Suze Orman and Rachel Maddow, this year’s GLBT History Month also features three hometown heroes from our own state of Texas.

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examiner_logo-headerThanks to eXaminer.com I am pleased to announce that I will be covering local (and sometimes national) LGBTQ events for the Fort Worth area. I will be posting article teasers here on my blog, and you’ll be able to click over and read the full pieces on my examiner page.

This is a great way for me to get the word out about events in Fort Worth, while earning a little extra money and getting some good bylines. If you have any suggestions or upcoming events you’d like to let me know about, leave a comment here or use my contact page.

I’m really excited about this, and I hope to be an asset to the LGBT community in Fort Worth. My first article, covering the Fort Worth Family Pride Picnic, should be up soon.


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The idea behind Prairie Fest is to celebrate our connection to the natural world, by bringing together local food, music, green living proponents, vendors and artists. They did a great job of advertising this year, and really had a big turnout. I went with my mom Virgo, and took Water Boy in our little red wagon. (Help me think of a name for our Radio Flyer Wagon!)

First, we were starving, so we grabbed some soft tacos from Fuzzy’s Taco Shop booth. We sat on the grass listening to the live music while we ate. Then we were off to explore!

Wow, there were so many things there, I couldn’t possibly list them all. Our friends from the Cowtown Farmer’s Market had a booth there (Buy Local! Eat Fresh!), and we got to chat with Gwin from Artisan Baking Company. The Festival really went all out for the kids, with crafts and plays and storytelling, not to mention, the festival was held in a park next to a playground.

Virgo was so excited to find out about the Tarrant County Archaeological Society, being an anthropology major herself. She told me that the reason she fell in love with anthro was because of a flint knapping demonstration by one of her professors.

I was personally thrilled to find an Urban Gardener program through Elizabeth Anna’s Old World Garden, a Master Naturalist program through the Cross Timbers Naturalists Chapter, and a Master Composter class through the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens. I really want to do all of these and more! Other booths included the Sierra Club, where I picked up yet another reusable cloth bag, Whole Foods, and the brand new Edible Dallas & Fort Worth magazine.

We bought a pound of raw local honey from Batsmith Creek Beeyard, which also had a live hive on display. Water Boy was absolutely fascinated, and so was I. If you haven’t heard by now, raw local honey is (supposedly) very good for combating allergies. As an allergy sufferer, I thought I’d try it, and plus, honey is good!

Then it was break time. I bought some hummus and pita bread from the Chadra Mezza & Grill booth, and we again sat on the grass and listened to music while we ate. I really wanted to hit up the Rahr Brewery booth, but managed to restrain myself. We walked down the last row, and saw booths for the Fort Worth Vegetarian Society and Vermicomposting. The FW Vegetarians really went all out, as you can see.

By the end of the day, we were tired, sweaty, and sunburned, but it was so worth it. I found a lot of great things to do in Fort Worth, saw some great green exhibits (including Smart Cars!), and spent the day with my mom and son. What more could a girl ask for?

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One of my New Years Resolutions was to get out to more community events, and I think I’ve really done a good job of trying.

Tonight, we went out to the Fort Worth Arts Goggle. A slight play on “google”, it’s meant to represent local artists in all mediums. Sculpture, jewelry, paint, music, and of course, food. Local businesses open their doors for the evening, set out trays of food and free booze, and let people in to admire (and hopefully buy!) a piece of local color.

It’s based in South Fort Worth, my neighborhood, so I’ve always felt a little partial to it. We went for the first one a few years ago, but have a missed the last few. I was determined to go, so I strapped Water Boy into his umbrella stroller, picked up my brother Archer from my mom’s, and away we went, in 45 degree weather, to tour the businesses.

A few cups of wine and a few cupcakes, a great oldies band, and Archer and Water Boy were out on the dance floor! Water Boy is at that age of absolutely no public (or private) shyness. He’s ready to throw himself out there, regardless of who’s watching. I appreciate that, and I think it’s made me a less self-conscious person, too. Nobody cares how well you dance when you’re partner’s as cute as mine is.

We saw some really awesome pieces, including some beautiful instrument-themed paintings that looked like they might have metal thread or wire incorporated into the painting. We had a chance to walk into some Very Swanky Galleries, including one where I set my wet plastic wine cup down on a $6000 ebony and gilt inlaid table. *swoon*

I took Archer home a couple hours in, and then Stillmog met us after work. We went over to King Tut’s, a great Egyptian restaurant that I’ve now eaten at twice and been completely satisfied. The prices are a little steep, but I feel the quality of the food makes it worth it. The portions are HUGE! The added bonus of KT’s are the “artifacts” scattered around the dining area on display. Sarcophagi, busts of Pharoahs, and statues of Anubis are just a few things that meet your eye as you dine. Water Boy is fascinated every time we go in.

It’s possible we’ll go back Saturday night for Gallery Night, which is spread all over Fort Worth and Arlington, not just South Funky Town. Stillmog was a little bummed because he really didn’t get to see anything since he got there so late.

I can’t wait for next year, I’m hoping the weather cooperates this time. It’s hard to enjoy the outdoor neighborhood when your eyes are watering and your fingers a frozen to the handles of the stroller.

That’s how I spent my Friday night, how was yours?

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