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Stillmog is not known for his romantic streak. He’s good at saying I love you, no questions there. But when it comes to the traditional holidays, mainly Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, he’s left something to be desired in the past.

This year was an extremely pleasant surprise. We got home Saturday evening, where I received a dozen red roses, and the nerdiest, most awesome gift ever.

That’s right, a necklace meant to hold a D20 dice, a twenty-sided dice commonly used in RPG games, the most memorable being Dungeons & Dragons. The one it came with even ended up being red! Perfect for Valentine’s Day. He purchased it from ThinkGeek.com, one of the greatest websites to find the perfect gift for the special nerd in your life. I’m somewhat partial to the voice-controlled Dalek robot from Dr. Who, myself, but the price is somewhat prohibitory.

And as sign of true love, I wore my snazzy new necklace out in public, to our dinner at a super fancy steak house. Amazing, huh?

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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2009 New Years Resolutions: In No Particular Order

Blog at least once a week

Lose 52 pounds

Cook at home more often (this may need refining to number of days per week)

Go organic as much as possible

Live Greener (recycle more, use less, use cloth instead of paper)

Garden and compost (I have a big stack of pots and a courtyard, for container gardens)

Learn to sew/knit better

Reduce debt by at least 50%

Save at least 2000 dollars

Play outside more often

Turn off TV/Computer/Video Game at least one night a week

Start Learning French (this one I’ve already started)

Finish writing a story (short or long) and submit to a publisher

Clean and declutter and keep it that way

Ride bike to somewhere (even around the block) at least once a week

Get more involved in local community (volunteer, go to events, talk to other bloggers)

Try a new local restaurant twice a month

Make new friends

Run a mile and a half in 15 minutes or less

Join the Airforce

Buy fewer consumer goods (rent movies, borrow books, less toys, thrift store clothes)

Wear more hats (I need a really good fedora)

Get a wedding band tattoo (We both seem to be allergic to the metals in our rings)

Play my clarinet more (or ever)

Read to Water Boy every night (this one has been great fun so far!)

Get Maya-kitty spayed

Visit local attractions more often (museums, galleries, parks, community centers)

Go to the gym at least three times a week, and the track at least once

Pack both Stillmog’s and my lunch every day

Write letters to my friends (not so green, maybe I’ll reuse paper from around our house)

Make a Household Planner (I saw this on a site and loved the idea)

Make no late payments! (This one will be very very difficult, we are terrible about this)

Start tracking my calories (I’ve been trying to use Sparkpeople, but I’m not very good)

Go out on dates with my spouse creature, Stillmog, at least twice a month

Start a family game night (to include any family member or friend who wants to come)

Reconcile with my uncle and my cousin

Spend more time with my dad and youngest brother (or any)

Talk to my grandparents more often (than once a year)

Take more pictures of Water Boy and post them to my flickr, myspace page, and here

Re-vamp my fish tank (it’s looking a little dark and gloomy)

Start trying to get my e-business, Wings&Things;, off the ground (crafting business!)

Possibly conceive baby number two (this is debatable, as I would want to stay home with them)

Get some house plants (we need more green inside)

Do…Something…with my hair

Have I missed any thing???

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I have many, many resolutions for the New Year, some of them realistic, some of them probably not so much. I’m going to try, though, and that’s all anyone can ask.

The first one, and the one most pertinent to this blog, is to write on here at least once a week. I’d prefer more than that, but let’s not kid ourselves. I’ve had this blog for two and a half years, and made 48 posts so far, counting this one. That’s a post about once a month, and there have been a lot of dry months. I do plan to *gasp* back-date some upcoming posts, just so they will actually be relevant to their times, so my count should go up.

But I would like to get in a regular post at least once a week, because though it may not seem like it, I love my blog. I love blogs in general, and I read many of them. Why should I read other people’s blogs, but not write in my own? So that is my first resolution for the year.

Write a blog-post at least once a week!

There will be an actual list upcoming, hopefully tomorrow.

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My mother’s day sucked hard core. I don’t really feel like going into it, as I’ve already told anyone who would bend an ear for me today. But I’m hoping that someday, Stillmog will get a clue. Like, a big one.

However, Water Boy did make me an great card, courtesy of his daycare teachers. It’s really cute, I put it on the fridge. It’s a finger-painting, with a little poem.

My dirty little fingerprints
I’ve left on every wall,
And on the drawers and tabletops,
I’ve really marked them all,
But here are some that won’t rub off,
I’m giving them to you
Because I’m thankful to have
A mom that’s just like you!

Hey, it’s sappy, but also totally cute. Happy Mom’s day to everyone out there who’s every been a mom, even for a minute. It’s one of the most important minutes of your life.

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Today I turn 22! Yay! This is about as exciting as when I turned 19. Which is to say, there is nothing exciting about 22. At all…But anyway.

I had a good day, went to lunch with my mom, got home and received my gift from my husband. A dwarf mandarin orange tree, very awesome! Much more awesome than the actual birthday. Then of course, Water Boy’s daycare calls us, to tell us he’s sick and we need to come pick him up. So…not perfect, but it will do. Happy Birthday to me!

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Happy V-Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. I’m sort of ambivalent about this holiday, because I believe it puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on people to “show their love”. But I also like getting extra loved on for a day, and giving extra love to people.
The moral of the story is, don’t feel obligated to do something for the one you love. If you do something, do it because they’re the one you love, not because of a date on a calendar. And if you feel like you’re all alone and lonely, love comes in many forms. I took flowers to my mom today, because I love her. If you want to feel loved, do something nice for someone in your life who wasn’t expecting anything.

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Things I’m Thankful For

My husband:

He’s honestly my best friend. I can talk to him about anything, and we can still talk to each other about anything even after that scary first year when it seems everyone breaks up. (at least in Hollywood)

My son:

I’ve enjoyed spending days with him, watching him learn how to be a person, more than any day I ever spent doing “fun” single things, like clubbing or drinking.

My mom:

I can call her at any time of the day or night, and she always has advice that makes sense to me, (or not) but she always understands.

My best girlfriend:

No matter how long it’s been since we’ve talked, it always feels like just yesterday, and we always have each other for whatever comes up.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, where ever you are tonight.

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