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On one of the mommy boards I frequent, some of the nifty ladies on there set up dates for moms to have a night out and meet a new person. I was lucky enough to be paired with the lovely Arisa, an accomplished artist and mom of three.

We had a great evening at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, which hosts a night once a month when they stay open until midnight, featuring local bands and booze. For $15, we got to wander through all the exhibits, listen to live music, and have an actual conversation with an actual grown person! Amazing.

The art was really cool, of course. It included the famous picture by Andy Warhol of the multiple Marilyn Monroes in bubble gum colors, as well as The Brown Sisters by photographer Nicholas Nixon. I was fascinated by the photos following four sisters, stretching across 32 years, starting with young women and ending with the most recent photo taken in 2007 of four women sliding gracefully past middle-aged.

Outside in the sculpture garden, we listened to some of the live music. Our first stop out there was near sunset, with a giant thunderhead rolling right past the museum in the sky. So beautiful.

We took a break to head over to Spiral Diner for snacks and a beer. Spiral Diner is Fort Worth’s premier (and possibly only) vegan restaurant. Then it was back to the museum for some more music.

The last band of the evening was very into audience participation, but Arisa and I were convinced that their silly directions to the crowd seemed much too much like work, so we abstained and just watched. The last song we stayed for ended with people running in a loop through the packed garden. A little more exercise than I was personally looking for in my evening.

I’m so very glad I went, and I can’t wait to make more plans with Arisa and other moms from my board. I hope Arisa enjoyed her evening, too.


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I don’t do a lot of message boards. I find them sometimes stupid, tedious, and full of idiots. But the few I do visit, I check just about every day. And there are few things that get on my nerves more than someone pushing their product. It just makes me nuts!

Take my mommy board. I know some moms make good money for their families this way, by pushing traffic to their blogs, and their blog ads and whatever “Special Deals” they’ve signed up for. But damn it! When they start posting attention grabbing titles, just to get you to read their board post and hopefully visit their site, I’m more than a little pissed.

I go to these boards for the specific purpose of finding people to talk to about stuff going on in my life, be it parenting, marriage, or what I’m reading that day. And I don’t go there for fucking advertisements and bombardments by the top seller for Avon or the newest deal through Pepperidge Farms Goldfish! Gah!

So ladies, tone it the fuck down.

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