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I received my first Paper Back Swap book today! It’s Ken Follett’s Pillars of the Earth, which I’m supposed to read for one of my book clubs. I originally borrowed it from the library, but when I realized how god-awful long the thing was, I decided I needed to go ahead and buy it. But I didn’t really want to buy it, because I’m already somewhat set against the book, just for the fact that it’s been on Oprah’s Book Club list. Gag!

I’m a rebel! I don’t read popular novels! But since I started my two book clubs, I’m being forced to. (If I want to have anything to talk about at the meetings.) My last two BC books, Revolutionary Road and Eat, Pray, Love both blew chunks, in my opinion, so Pillars also has those strikes against it.

Therefore, when I signed up for PBS, I decided I would use my two free starter credits on books I’d never normally buy, and walla! My first “free” book came today!


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I discovered a new love tonight.

I’ve known about it for quite a while, but have always kind of poo-poo’d it, thinking, why, that’s what libraries are for! I’m talking, of course, about Paper Back Swap. Being the tremendous book lover I am, (for those who haven’t noticed), I’m always looking for ways to get my hands on more books to Slobber Over. By slobber I do mean read.

I’m also cheap, or at least, trying to be. I’d give my wallet to Barnes & Noble if I didn’t need it so much myself, and Half-Price Books holds a special place in my heart, because they make things affordable, and you never know what you’ll find. (This can also be a downside!) I love my local library dearly, as I’ve stated in other posts. And their Inter Library Loan feature is to die for, seriously. But still, I sometimes find them lacking, and at the end of the day, (or two weeks), the book must go back, especially the popular novels that have a waiting list of people behind me.

Well, I’ve found the solution! Affordable books, an easy way to find, or request, what you want, and no need to return it if you don’t want to! List the books you don’t want or need anymore, gain “credits” by mailing them off to those who request them, then ask for what you want. This is dependent on someone posting that book, but you can add books to your wish list and be notified immediately when your book becomes available. And the books are yours to keep! There are no fees (currently) to use the website, and you pay a small mailing fee, about as much as an old paperback from Half-Price, to send your book off at the local post office.

I think this a great compromise between the free library and the cheap Half-Price. I’ve already ordered two books using credits I received for listing my first ten books, and I’ve already had four of my books requested by other people. I didn’t know I had such great taste!

One of the parts I’m most excited about is the opportunity to write more reviews. I’ve joined two local book clubs as a way to broaden my reading horizons. That’s where Eat, Pray, Love and Revolutionary Road came from, two books I never would have chosen for myself. But with two books clubs, one of which meets two or three times a month, that’s four books a month, a tab which can run up quickly. (Pillars of the Earth is 7.99 for the new Mass Market Paperback.) Now I can get them from Paper Back Swap and pay next to nothing! And it’s green living, reusing what others no longer want, cheaply. I may be in heaven.

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