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I’m excited to announce my participation in a handcrafted handkerchief exchange! Called Swap-CHOO (for obvious reasons) it was started by Peggy at Skip the Chips and I can’t wait to get started! What this means, is that I will receive someone’s name and address, and vice versa, and we’ll each make a handkerchief and mail them off to the lucky lady on the other side.

The last time I hand stitched anything, though, I think I was about 9. I have three weeks, though, so there’s plenty of time for mistakes and mess-ups. I’ll make a trek over to Jo-Ann’s tomorrow and pick up some fabric. I think I’ll get a couple different pieces so I can practice.

They also ask for a handlettered poem to be included with your handkerchief contribution, in honor of April being Poetry Month, and I already have some ideas of where to get my poem.

The thing I love about this, besides making blogger connections, is the green living aspect. We haven’t bought paper towels for about three months now, we’re using cloth napkins, and now I’d loved to get rid of our kleenex habit. I really need to break out the sewing machine I received for Christmas, but I’m nervous that I’ll suck with it.

I’ve been wanting to make cloth baby wipes, so we can stop buying processed ones. Maybe this little swap will help me get my crafty face on!


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My mother’s day sucked hard core. I don’t really feel like going into it, as I’ve already told anyone who would bend an ear for me today. But I’m hoping that someday, Stillmog will get a clue. Like, a big one.

However, Water Boy did make me an great card, courtesy of his daycare teachers. It’s really cute, I put it on the fridge. It’s a finger-painting, with a little poem.

My dirty little fingerprints
I’ve left on every wall,
And on the drawers and tabletops,
I’ve really marked them all,
But here are some that won’t rub off,
I’m giving them to you
Because I’m thankful to have
A mom that’s just like you!

Hey, it’s sappy, but also totally cute. Happy Mom’s day to everyone out there who’s every been a mom, even for a minute. It’s one of the most important minutes of your life.

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