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sf sitemoxylandIn Moxyland, the gap between the haves and the have-nots has spread to a Grand Canyon sized gulf. Set in the near future of South Africa, it follows the interweaving story of four very different kinds of people. This was a great book to read, I once referred to it as cyberpunk-chic and I stand by that tag. I’ll be interviewing the author, Lauren Beukes, in a couple of months for Author of the Week so check back for more information about Moxyland.
Matt Richter is good at doing favors for people. A former cop, he’s good at finding things out and making people talk. He’s also very, very dead. Nekropolis was an okay book. There were definitely some rough patches in the story, places that didn’t line up quite right. But there was a lot of potential in Waggoner’s book, and I’m hoping that as he gets more practice, Matt Richter will become a permanent figure on the Urban Fantasy landscape.

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sf sitesleep travelerMy very first review for SF Site is up! Sleep Traveler is a full-cast audio book that was very interesting to listen to. Go check out the review! I’ll be doing reviews for SF Site a few times a month now, hopefully. Keep an eye out, I’ve got reviews for Moxyland, Nekropolis, and Saint Olivia coming out soon for them!

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