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There was no bedtime book tonight, but it wasn’t my fault, I swear! Blame Stillmog, he worked some crazy sorcery on Water Boy and put him under for the night.


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Sunday we dropped Water Boy off at his grandma’s and went to the North Texas Irish Festival, again at Fair Park. It was Stillmog, my younger brother Archer, and myself. We met up with some of my old friends from college, which ended up being very draining. Most of them are still living the young, dumb, and single life, with way too much drama and energy. Just being around them made me exhausted.

The festival is always good. You walk around in costume like Stillmog with his Utilikilt or in green like my Flogging Molly t-shirt, or in modern grunge like my brother, aka a hooded sweatshirt and dirty jeans. You eat disgusting fried food, like the Onion Haystack I had with garlic sauce that made me want to hurl afterwards, or the Steak on a Stake, or funnel cake. You get to see totally awesome dogs like the Irish Wolfhound. NTIF is one of the most pro-dog events in North Texas, with canines even allowed into the exhibit halls and the dealers rows.

We got to see girls all dolled up in traditional garb doing Irish Dancing. And of course there were pipers. Stillmog bought a new wide leather belt for his kilt, as the one he’s been wearing with it is about 3 years old and slowly disintegrating. We hope to get him a sporan at Scarborough Faire in April or May. I joked to my mom that eventually we’ll turn him into a real Scotsman. I just love it!

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